Why can’t everyone do this?

I don’t admit this in public but, since most of my family isn’t exactly local to me, I figure it can’t hurt. Plus, if you’re reading this then you’re on my blog where I admit it anyway: I’m an IT Manager.

Information Technology. Stuff with a plug on the end of it, for the uninitiated.

I have a password manager with hundreds of different work-related sites: accounts here, there, and everywhere. And I have a smartphone with my work email on it.

If we lose power at work I need to know about it. There’s a number of reasons that I need to be contacted urgently for work and the phone stays on 24 x 7.

The problem? Most companies either don’t care or don’t realise that their emails, solicited, necessary, informational, or otherwise, come through at the most inopportune times.

Do I really need to be informed on a Saturday lunchtime that Comcast can “Make Everything Better”? Does Cisco Meraki really need to send out my monthly reports at 2 a.m. on the first day of the month, regardless of when that falls? Does this introduce the potential to miss something that is actually important?

No, No, and Yes.

There I am, then, configuring settings in my new WordPress.com blog when I stumble upon someone that actually gives you a choice.


Thank you, thank you, thank you to the folks at WordPress.com for having the insight to build this in, I applaud you.

Now, off to schedule this post for the middle of the night so I can take advantage of low tariff rates on electricity and email postage.


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