Squad 46

There are so many things I could say, about this truck, about the experience of buying a new fire truck, of leading a truck committee, of pre-construction, final inspection, and I couldn’t really do it justice. So I’ll just show you our pictures, tell you how very happy I am with this KME Panther custom pumper, and leave one word of advice for future truck committees:
Schedule your final inspections in warm weather.

20160226_134430695_iOS 20160226_132755000_iOS 20160226_171119180_iOS 20160226_171144714_iOS 20160226_175240897_iOS 20160226_175255206_iOS 20160226_175304346_iOS 20160226_175315654_iOS 20160226_175653485_iOS 20160226_181451640_iOS 20160226_181504415_iOS 20160226_181516941_iOS 20160226_181527549_iOS 20160226_181552650_iOS


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