A Tale of Two Cities

Well, not Cities per se, actually companies and their Customer Service folks.

In my day job I had two sets of interactions today that were 180° apart. After the first, which was definitely not a positive experience, I was going to jump on Twitter and take the company involved to task. Twitter’s always good for a little negativity!

And then the second interaction happened and I thought that I just had to put at least as much effort into praising that company as I would excoriating the first. So here I am.

Adobe. Yes, THE Adobe. It’s not that your Customer Service representative called, got my voicemail, called back, left an automated message, and then sent an email; if I’d accepted either of the calls then the email would have been fine. It’s partially that the email, addressed to “Dear ,” very closely resembles a phishing email and I teach our users to be very careful with those. It’s really that when I responded to the email and copied your “abuse” email I received a response from your “Adobe User Trust & Safety Team” that leads me to think that you don’t actually believe that team is responsible for what their name says they do.

Am I a User? Do I have a question about whether I can Trust an email purportedly sent from Adobe? If that email is not legitimate will that affect my online Safety?

Then how can your response be “we’re unable to assist you with this type of issue”? That’s not really very helpful, and certainly doesn’t fit your description of yourself, although in fairness you’re not the Customer Support team.

At the other end of the scale I received an email letting me know that a subscription had automatically renewed. Normally that’s a good thing, the auto-renewal not the email, although what’s one more email between friends? The only problem is that we no longer use the software that the subscription is for.

In less time than it takes to read this, I had logged into the account and used the chat feature to talk to Jason and explained what happened. He immediately credited the account, and we’re not talking $20 here, it’s almost 4 figures. No hesitation, just excellent customer service. If you ever need to integrate your SugarCRM installation with MailChimp then I can heartily recommend SugarChimp from SugarOutfitters, for features as well as customer service.


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