Why can’t everyone do this?

I don’t admit this in public but, since most of my family isn’t exactly local to me, I figure it can’t hurt. Plus, if you’re reading this then you’re on my blog where I admit it anyway: I’m an IT Manager.

Information Technology. Stuff with a plug on the end of it, for the uninitiated.

I have a password manager with hundreds of different work-related sites: accounts here, there, and everywhere. And I have a smartphone with my work email on it.

If we lose power at work I need to know about it. There’s a number of reasons that I need to be contacted urgently for work and the phone stays on 24 x 7.

The problem? Most companies either don’t care or don’t realise that their emails, solicited, necessary, informational, or otherwise, come through at the most inopportune times.

Do I really need to be informed on a Saturday lunchtime that Comcast can “Make Everything Better”? Does Cisco Meraki really need to send out my monthly reports at 2 a.m. on the first day of the month, regardless of when that falls? Does this introduce the potential to miss something that is actually important?

No, No, and Yes.

There I am, then, configuring settings in my new WordPress.com blog when I stumble upon someone that actually gives you a choice.


Thank you, thank you, thank you to the folks at WordPress.com for having the insight to build this in, I applaud you.

Now, off to schedule this post for the middle of the night so I can take advantage of low tariff rates on electricity and email postage.


that was easy

First step I could think of, now that I have a functioning WordPress install again, was to point my domain name over to this new site. A little trepidation as I had originally tried to use Google Sites to host a free public-facing website but that’s not as easy as it could be.

Off to my Google Apps admin console, then, and pull up the domain information. Not as easy as getting to, say, Drive or any of the other areas, but easy enough once you’re logged into your account. just go to https://domains.google.com

Everything you need to forward your domain is here on this first page, although I missed it first time around as I focused on the paid services.

2016-01-31_paid I jumped to the DNS page and couldn’t find what I needed there and ended up back on the Domain page where it hit me, like a big, green button:2016-01-31_forward

Click the green Forward button, type the URL, click the blue Forward button and Voila!

It took way longer to write up than it did to actually do, even including my initial incompetence.

Let’s do this again!

Time to give the website another shot; it’s a new year and priorities change constantly so it’s out with the old webhost, and in with something different. I don’t want to let my domain name go, but I don’t want to keep paying for something that isn’t giving me something in return which means a free WordPress site.

I’m going to try and put content up here related to my interests, whether it’s because I find it interesting and want to share or want to be able to find it later.

Stay tuned.